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2023. június 12.

While Black+Decker is a pretty good-sounding brand name, the brand is primarily known for its power tools, it also has an extensive range of small domestic appliances, which have recently been launched on the domestic market. We asked Andrea Mancilla, European export manager of the Taurus Group, which manufactures Black+Decker small domestic appliances, about the brand’s background, market presence, products and, of course, plans for Hungary.

The Black+Decker brand can be found in many product segments, but not all segments belong to the same company. What is the background of the brand name?

Black+Decker is a multinational brand with worldwide presence. It belongs to Stanley Black+Decker, one of the world’s largest tools and storage companies, with more than 100 years’ experience.  Due to the big challenge that represented to integrate the tastes and needs of the different markets were its brands are present, the Company opted for licensing its different product categories to expert players in each area, transferring to these companies the design, development and distribution of the products bearing B+D brand. However, Stanley B+D has a careful look over the interests of the brand by controlling all processes to ensure that its design and quality follow their standards.

How long have you been involved with this brand and what is it worth knowing about your company?

Black+Decker has been part of the group since 2018.  Taurus Group is a Spanish Company with more than 60 years’ experience, manufacturer and specialized in SDA market.  The Group is present in more than 120 countries around the world through 18 brands. The headquarters are located in Oliana, a town 150 km from Barcelona. Here located too our main warehouse, which is being expanded and will reach a capacity of 50.000 pallets. Additionally, we have 11 subsidiaries: Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Morocco, South Africa, China, Mexico, Peru, India and 5 productions centers: Spain, Mexico, South Africa, India and China.

Do you have own manufacturing and product development?

We combine own manufacturing with collaboration with distinct partners, depending on the project. The process to launch a product in Taurus Group is entirely followed by our R+D Department. Each product is subject to strict life tests and quality controls, our team makes sure that all necessary improvements are introduced before giving the green light to launch any project. Additionally, we make sure that all new products comply with the necessary regulations according to the market they are aimed to be launched in.

In which countries are you present and what are your plans for the brand on international level?

First of all, it’s important to clarify that our license for the development of B+D SDA category is for Europe, so we aim to be present in each country in the continent. We have 2 types of presence in Europe. Through our subsidiaries: Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Spain (headquarters). Our teams manage directly the business with the main players in each market both online and offline. In this segment Italy is the main market in terms of turnover. Through Distributors: normally wholesalers specialized in SDA market. Our partners with our support develop business in their countries. We’re currently present in: Scandinavia (Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland) Baltics (Lithuania and signing a new contract with Latvia) Balkans (Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia) Other areas in Europe: Israel New projects: Turkey

In which product groups do you offer appliances and which segments are considered the most successful?

B+D assortment is mainly focused in the following categories: Kitchen (Food preparation, Beverage, Cooking), Seasonal (Ventilation and Heating), Home Care (Corded vacuum cleaning), Garment Care (Ironing), Air Treatment (Purifiers and Dehumidifiers). Unequivocally the main product category for B+D brand is Kitchen, as it contains the largest sub-categories of the whole assortment.

Which product groups belong to your assortment in Hungary and are you planning to expand it in the future?

The offer for Hungary as well as for the other countries, is focused in the whole assortment. All categories can be commercialized in all the countries where we’re present, however, one or other group of products stands out depending on the area in Europe. In the countries where we don’t have our own office, we rely on our partners, who in general have big experience in their markets, to choose the product categories that are more suitable for each country. In Hungary, we started our partnership with Hauser in October 2022, so we’re still in the first stage of the project from the point of view of the assortment and presence development of the brand. We’re convinced that the mix of Hauser’s experience of the market and Taurus Group’s know-how on the development of small domestic appliances, will be the key for success in Hungary.

What are the most important product categories and what is the main focus?

The main focus of the brand, is Power, Simplicity and Design to make home tasks quicker and easier. This applies for all product categories; they all go in the same direction. We want to send the same message of trust and know-how. In terms of sales, kitchen, as we said before, is the main category, however we’re working to strengthen the whole assortment. Each year we develop new products listening to the market needs and we work together with Stanley Black+Decker to enlarge the product categories we can develop.

Where are you positioning the brand?

Black+Decker is a traditional A brand in the category of power tools. It has a very high brand recognition in Europe and other product categories benefit in a large extend from this image. As a new category for the brand, we’re tracing our path in this direction.

“Black+Decker SDA aim to be positioned among A brands in the market, offering competitive specifications and good value for money assortment.”

What are the most important values of the brand? Innovation, design, quality, value for money?

The main values Black+Decker stands for are quality, simplicity and inspiring design. We offer to our customers beautiful products that invite to be used again and again, fulfilling their functions safely and that are easy to use and clean. Our philosophy is to facilitate end users’ life day to day.

What are your short- and longer-term goals for the Hungarian market?

As we explained before, Hungarian market is really new for B+D SDA assortment, as we started cooperation in October 2022. We should say that our goal with all partners that we choose to cooperate with, aim the long term, we look forward to consolidate the brand all over Europe. In the specific case of Hungary, we are in the stage of getting closer to the market needs and getting as much feedback about the products from the main players, as well as consolidating first partnerships. Our aim is that the brand grows step by step. Both online and offline channels, developed in parallel, are important for us in the Hungarian market.

What new products can be expected in the near future in terms of the Hungarian range?

Each year we launch 2 catalogues (one in January and one in July) with new product developments. For the second semester of the year, Kitchen category will be leading the new developments. First of all, we are strengthening our range of air fryers with a double basket model and higher capacity, following with some other products as sandwich makers with removable plates, bread maker and kitchen scale. Hot beverage assortment will be reinforced with new Espresso Coffee Makers and kettles. Ironing, corded stick vacuum cleaning and heating will also have novelties. From the point of view of product categories, we are looking forward to enlarge our license to Personal Care assortment. We’ll give news in the second semester of the year.

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