30 years of innovation

2022. október 12.

In 1992 LG started its operations in Hungary with only 8 employees, and in the last three decades the company has grown to become one of the most important players in the Hungarian TCG market.  The well-known and popular brand is associated with a series of innovations and unique solutions. With an extremely wide range of products, LG is presented in many product groups and plays a leading role in several segments. As a result, the company is one of the most important company on the Hungarian market. We talked to Sung Sik Choi, Managing Director of LG Electronics Magyar Ltd. about the past, present and future of the company and the brand.

“Year to year, we are introducing more and more products to the market that are at the cutting edge of design and technology.”

Sung Sik Choi, Managing Director, LG Electronics Hungary Ltd.

LG is 30 years old in Hungary this year. What do you consider the most important achievements of the last three decades in terms of the company, the brand, the consumer and partner relations?

We’ve come a long way in the past 30 years, from a small office to one of the leading brands in the Hungarian market, and we’re a pioneer in many business segments. We have built a diversified export network and now manage the operations of 10 other countries in South East Europe from our Budapest headquarters.  In the meantime, we have moved to an enlarged office building under our own ownership, and as part of this we have established the LG Climate Academy, where we offer up-to-date, free training courses for interested professionals. It is also home to our regional customer service, while our service points cover the whole country. The tremendous progress we have made is also evident in the level of brand reference, and in 30 years we have managed to make the LG brand well known and trusted by the Hungarian people. For us, the most important result is that when Hungarian consumers choose LG, they know that with the innovative product they are buying, they are also getting reliable and long-term customer support.

We have a portfolio of products to meet a wide range of customer needs, including home electronics, consumer electronics, IT products, professional displays and air conditioning solutions, as well as the now popular heat pump cooling and heating systems. As a result, we have unique solutions for almost every area of the home, from the workroom with ergonomic monitor, to the energy-efficient kitchen and bathroom, to the clean-air bedroom and living room as the hub of home entertainment. Our integrated business solutions also help many companies run more efficiently and smoothly in their home markets. Of course, our success would not be complete without our extensive network of partners, who now make LG products available to consumers in all major technology stores and across a range of online platforms.

The brand is present in a wide range of product groups and is a trend shaper in several segments. One such example is televisions. Just think of the OLED models or the Gallery TV, a special design solution in this category, which was presented at this year’s IFA with the world’s largest screen. What role does this area play in the brand’s assortment?

LG OLED has been one of the leading brands in the global premium TV market for nine years, as evidenced by the millions of televisions sold worldwide to date. LG unveiled the brand new 97G2 model at this year’s IFA, part of a growing portfolio of ultra-large screen OLED premium TVs that is growing year on year. According to a recent market study, OLED TVs will cover 55 percent of the European premium TV market this year and 66 percent by 2023. According to the report, global sales of TVs over 177 cm (70″) are expected to reach around 14.9 million units in 2022, and close to 17.1 million units next year. With an ever-expanding portfolio of OLED TVs, LG is aiming to continue its leadership in Europe and globally. In addition to the OLED series, we will of course also offer other TVs with cutting-edge display technologies, such as the QNED TV families, which we also aim to increase sales in Hungary.

The brand is also associated with a number of innovations in household appliances. In fact, they have even launched category-defining models such as the InstaView range and the Styler clothing care system. Why are these developments important for the company?

Through category-changing developments, our aim is to bring unique technologies and devices to the market that respond to real, individual consumer needs and that differentiate us from our competitors. The products listed are examples of this: the InstaView helps you store food in a smart, conscious and energy-efficient way, and the Styler clothing care system is for the stylish wardrobe-keeper, as it is an excellent tool for suits, blazers and clothes and sweaters that are delicate to wash. We are also pioneers in the use of steam technology, and in addition to the steam function being a key feature of our washing machine range, we have introduced the first dishwasher in Hungary to use this technology to effectively remove dirt.

„Through category-changing developments, our aim is to bring unique technologies and devices to the market that respond to real, individual consumer needs and that differentiate us from our competitors. ”

We’ve also introduced category-changing innovation in other product groups, such as our DualUp monitor, a completely new format in the monitor market, this year. This premium device features a new-to-market 16:18 aspect ratio Nano IPS display, perfect for any task where multitasking is common, such as content production or programming.

LG’s portfolio includes a fair number of premium devices on the market. What is your role in the premium segment and what are your goals in this area for the future?

Year to year we introduce more and more products to the market that are at the cutting edge of design and technology. As a result, the premium segment has a prominent place in our portfolio, while the entry and mid-range segments always offer the high quality that is typical of the brand. Through our high-end appliances, we are able to introduce innovations to the Hungarian market that meet very specific needs. As research and development plays an important role at LG, we want to continue to stand out from the competition with as many unique premium solutions as possible.

With LG ThinQ, you have one of the most comprehensive smart home platforms. LG has also recently joined the HCA (Home Connectivity Alliance), an organisation dedicated to interoperability between smart systems. What do you think about this trend, its future and how important is this area for LG’s developments?

LG’s ultimate goal is to contribute its technologies and innovations to a more comfortable, better quality of life in the home. That’s why the LG ThinQ platform, connectivity and remote control of products play an important role in our current and future developments. Today, it’s no longer just a pipe dream to have the TV tell you when the washing is done, the tumble dryer know what programme you’ve run and automatically set the right programme based on that, or to set the temperature on your air conditioner on the way home. However, our vision of a connected home can only be realised if different devices communicate seamlessly with each other – the aim is no longer for a customer to buy compatible products from the same brand, but to make it easy to manage them from one app. We want to be at the forefront of this market and drive the development of a truly connected home.

Sustainability and energy efficiency is another development trend that is gaining more and more attention, especially in today’s environment. How are these aspects reflected in the case of LG?

Sustainability and energy efficiency are of course also a key focus for LG. One important pillar of this is our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing and making it more sustainable. This includes initiatives such as increasing the amount of recycled materials used in the packaging of LG’s sound projectors and reducing the amount of plastic components used in LG OLED televisions. LG plans to introduce more than 600,000 tonnes of recycled plastics into its manufacturing processes after 2022 and to increase the collection and, where possible, reuse of electronic waste to eight million tonnes by 2030. We also place great emphasis on the responsible management of e-waste at local level, and we will make our customers aware of the importance of this.

On the other hand, we are constantly working on energy-efficient solutions and features built into our products: reducing the energy demand of our products is a priority. A good example of this, beyond the energy-efficient compressors found in almost every household appliance, is the energy-saving innovation built into the InstaView® refrigerator, a special door – two taps on which reveal the inside of the fridge, so you don’t need to open it to see what’s inside – that prevents cold air loss.

This year’s LG novelties on the Hungarian market include built-in dishwashers. Why did you decide to enter this segment?

There is a growing demand among consumers for elegant, unified and clean kitchen appliances, and built-in products are becoming increasingly popular. LG has always taken interior design and styling considerations into account when designing products, but built-in appliances offer consumers greater scope to fully customise their kitchens.

In your opinion, what has been the key to LG’s success over the past 30 years and what could be the key to success in the coming decades?

The key to LG’s success, in my opinion, is listening to the needs of our customers and developing to meet those needs. In Hungary, it is no different: we deliver LG products to Hungarian customers that they really need, and they can contact our brand service and up-to-date customer service at any time. The achievements of the past 30 years are a true reflection of LG’s reliability and innovation, and we can continue to build on the dedication of our skilled colleagues for decades to come.

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